I'm 1/2 a Jaywalker

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jaywalker sock

Well, the first Jaywalker is finished. Do others of you have the experience when you near the end of the sock. You try it on and think "maybe 10 more rows, and I'll be at the base of my big toe." Ten rows later you try it on and again think, "Maybe 10 more rows." And then again. Where do those rows go? They don't seem to add any to the length! Eventually, I got far enough and started decreasing. Because I dropped the number of stitches on the bottom of the foot, I had a bit of adjusting to do, but nothing major. It did end up shortening my toe section a bit. That's okay, but I have to admit that when I put the sock on, the toe area feels a little off. It appears to be long enough, but it feels odd. It also looks really square. I did slip the end one stitch on each edge over. I know from when I used to be on the sock knitters list that many sock knitters recommend that. I don't know why patterns are never written to do that. Similarly, I know the sock knitters list always advocated picking up an extra stitch in the gussets to help eliminate a hole. Patterns never say to do that. Am I the only one that always seems to need to pick up 1 to 2 more stitches than the pattern states (1 to 2 stitches more than half the number of heel rows)? It doesn't seem possible that it's just me!

Still, all in all, it's a really pretty sock. I was out signing up for the Jaywalker Knitalong (a bit belatedly, but I'm only halfway done), and I nosed around in the gallery at Grumperina's for a bit. Almost instantly, I spotted another pair of Jaywalkers in the same yarn/colorway. Oddly enough, her colorway worked out much differently than mine - much more striped. I'm sure it's related to how many stitches hers used compared to mine.

Oh, and be sure and take a look at this pair. I LOVE this colorway. I have some Regia Nation in the Italia colorway (red/green/white), but I've never seen this great rainbow version. Very cool. (Hmmmm... I just linked through to Carodan Farm for the Italia link, and I see colorway #5399. I wonder if THAT is the rainbow color? I'm going to have to do some searching around and find out. I think rainbow socks would be very cute, and I love the wide stripe.)

By the way, after reading so much about Socks Rocks at January One, where do you buy it? Is it a yarn only sold at fiber festivals?

http://alison.knitsmiths.us/blog_sockapaloooza.htmlsignups are already over. I read about it at Christy's in time to sign up, but I think it's just not "me" right now. For those of you that missed out, if you're looking for another sock thing, you might consider the Red Hot Sizzling Socks knitalong.

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Great sock! On all of my jaywalkers, I have picked up 19 stitches on each side of the gusset to avoid holes - I just ignore the pattern (whatever it is) and pick up whatever I need to make it a nice clean gusset. So no, you're not alone.


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