Ninja Ropes Posted


I mentioned Ninja Ropes in my post-Mendocino-road-trip post last week because I really had seriously considered pulling yarn to start my own – feeling, I guess, the lure of knitting on something small and accessory-like as a break from the growing shawl rows. When Jenn of KnitWit Momma wrote me telling me that she liked the “Ropes” pattern, I realized I’d never really introduced it on the site.

I did talk about it a bit when I was working on it last year. My oldest son picked out the initial colorway and the cable pattern (which he calls “ropes”). The Koigu color he picked was a great mix of acid greens, yellows, browns, and great hints of pink. The cable and rib combo sucked up yarn, however, and the first hat didn’t fit him. (It fit his younger brother, at the time. Today, it’s really too small for even the youngest, though he’s still wearing it some.) So, we moved on to another colorway for the oldest. Actually, if I remember correctly, I ordered additional skeins of the same colorway number, but it ended up being much, much different from the original (not surprisingly).

Enjoy! And if you make the pattern, please let me know. I'd love to see.



The hat is adorable. I need a small project like that right now. I can't get the link to the pattern to work though....:(

That pattern is great. My best friend just had a baby, maybe he'll get one of these in a few months! Nice work!

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