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June 3, 2006

Mrs. Beeton in the Car

June 3, 2006 – Saturday – 3:44 PM Beachside
We’ve been here a while, so this will likely be a short entry… meaning the little one will probably wake soon. I’ve been working on a number of things… including a bit of knitting… and doing a run-through listen of my first podcast and then listening to Episode 27 of Cast-On. I didn't realize we'd already come to the end (almost) of Series 2. I'll be sad when she, again, takes a break!

My bit of knitting in the car, so as not to waste time while the computer booted and rebooted (my car power source seems to be a bit wonky these days), was on my second Mrs. Beeton. Believe it or not, I cast this second one on over a week ago in the car with my mom. The last day of her trip, in fact. I cast on the entire 108 stitches, placing the 54 beads… well, I didn’t get that far. I cast on 101 and realized I was short on yarn for my long-tail cast on, which never happens to me. (I have a pretty accurate system of holding up my yarn a certain arm’s width apart for every “30” stitches I need…) So, I was short. My mom suggested I just add on the remaining cast-on stitches using the knitted cast on method. Because I just couldn’t cope with the thought that I’d wasted my entire afternoon sit and knit in the car time casting on something only to take it out again, I gave it a try. I cast them on, and then gamely continued with the first/foundation row with my lace weight and then moved on to the next two rows with my DK (Koigu in this case).

By the time I finished those three rows, it was clear that I’d have to start over. Some knitters wouldn’t have, I know. But, to me, the seven extra cast-on stitches stuck out. They bothered me. They didn’t have the same width and definition as the rest of the cast-on row. And, for some reason, my join didn’t hold. I don’t know if it was related to the switch in cast-on technique or not, but I ended up with a gap between the needles that just seemed to get bigger and bigger… I wasn’t sure tucking the ends in later would make it “go away.”

So, the poor Mrs. Beeton has sat in a bag all week, the thought of having to undo the beaded cast on and do it again not high on my list.

Last night, however, it felt “right.” I ripped out the first few rows, moved my slip knot over a good bit, and started again only to realize, can you believe it, when I was almost through the cast on row that I’d cut my yarn (broken it by hand, actually, because I don’t keep scissors in my bags) when working on the mitten last week because I thought I was “done” with the lace weight and had moved on to the Koigu. So, I didn’t have enough to do the cast on row and the first row of the pattern, which uses the same row.

Are you getting the sense these just aren’t to be? I have had that sense, too, but I'm trying to ignore it!

Determined, now, I got up this morning, and after spending 3 hours at my computer before everyone got up (blissful!), I sat and took everything out again, spit on a new end of lace weight, and re-thread my beads, re-spitting, as necessary. (Gross. I know.) Once it was all cast on, I got ready to join my round and realized there were only 3 size 7 DPN’s in my bag. 3 black ebony (beautiful) Noble knitting needles. I poked around everywhere looking for the other one. My youngest has a Harry Potter fixation, and he’s constantly got a “stick” in hand running around pretending it’s a wand. Tinker toys are his most common accoutrements, but he thinks knitting needles are fair game. We struggle to keep them out of his hands, so I’m constantly grabbing one and sticking it up on a shelf or in a container of pens or in a vase or somewhere else out of reach. It’s possible that the black needle is sticking somewhere, but I didn’t find it. I did, however, discover that in my bag of DPN’s I had yet another black needle. When I bought these ever so long ago, it must have been a set of 5. So, I brought the mitten along for the car ride. During the week, I don’t knit during the nap. I work.

But on the weekend, I sometimes mix in a bit of knitting. I’m glad I brought them along. I got several rows done before I switched over to working on a puzzle for an upcoming issue of PuzzleBlast. Now, a few minutes to blog, and… he’s awake…

"Bye bye, Ocean."

Creative Mom Podcast

Okay, the Creative Mom Podcast is live! I think I had to get some of the "formal," "why I'm doing this" stuff out of my head in the first episode, so it feels a bit "strange" to me. But, having posted that initial file, I'm really looking forward to next week's episode and watching the "flow" of the show unfold. If you self-define as creative, and if you are a mom (or even if you're not), have a listen. Hopefully there is something there to inspire you. Just… be gentle with me. I'm new at this!

(Note: Thanks to Sharlene [Mommio] for alerting me to the problem with the link. It's something that sometimes happens when I type in Word and paste into MovableType. My bad for not doublechecking the link. If you head to www.creativemompodcast.com you'll find links to listen to the show or subscribe with an podcatcher. See you there!)

June 5, 2006

A Beeton


The Beetons are done. I ended up doing the picot cast-off on the second one. It was really easy, and I was kicking myself for not taking time to look up the cable cast on the first time around and doing it right the first time around. That, too, was really easy, and I'm glad to have learned how to do it. So, I need to rip out the bind off row of the first gauntlet and do the picot cast-off there. Then they'll be totally finished.

The pic doesn't do the Mrs. Beeton justice. I had on a red sweater, which is sitting on top of the picot edge, so you can't see it here. Sorry.

(It seems almost as hard to get a good photo of mittens on oneself as it does to get good photos of socks on oneself. Odd angles...)

Also... in non-Beeton-related knitting news... but following the sock thread... my Jaywalkers have bitten the dust. Well, more precisely, they got washed... and they don't fit. I'd only worn them once. I got them out of the drawer today and tried to pull them on only to find them shrunken and slightly felted. I was heartbroken. I don't make that many socks, and to find that a pair I'd only worn once is now unwearable was almost beyond comprehension. Lesson learned.

June 12, 2006

CMP: Episode 2

Episode 2 of the Creative Mom Podcast went up over the weekend. If you haven't yet, check it out. It's still evolving. But I'm having fun - and hopefully someone out there heres me...! ("Mom" is in the title, and there is definitely a "mom" element. But there's a lot of creative talk on a number of levels, including knitting. Everyone is welcome."

Gifted with Cool Yarn

yarn 1yarn 1

I meant to show a photo of these previously and just now remembered to pull the pics off the camera. M bought me this yarn on a shopping trip with my Mom last month. I had just started the Beetons at that point, and she thought this yarn might be a good Beeton kind of yarn - with the integrated sparkles instead of beads. The color is great, too. When I was trying to get pics of it, Spencer kept reaching out and grabbing it. He's still working on learning a full caderie of colors, but "puple" he knows, and he couldn't keep his hands off of it. "Purple," he kept saying, as he'd grab the yarn. So, I thought I'd show a few toddler-hand-in-the-way pics, instead of a single, well-focused shot.

This yarn (below) is the Lorna's Shepherd Worsted I bought with a multi-D scarf in mind. I just LOVE the colors in this one. I could use it for anything, of course, but I would like to make a mindless multi-D. Every time I pick up this yarn, I smile. It feels SO great.


June 17, 2006

CMP: Episode 3

Episode 3 of the Creative Mom Podcast is out. With a focus on collage of all types and for all ages, there's a lot here to be inspired by... Mom or not, get your creative juices flowing and head on over to www.creativemompodcast.com.

June 23, 2006

CMP: Episode 4

Episode 4: A Focus on Self is out at the Creative Mom Podcast site. Today's my birthday... not my blog birthday... not a podcast birthday. Just my birthday, so there's a pervasive birthday theme to the show, a focus on self-portraits, and some great, great, gread podsafe music - as well as a pretty funny and cute birthday tribute from my oldest son. Cheers!


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