A Beeton


The Beetons are done. I ended up doing the picot cast-off on the second one. It was really easy, and I was kicking myself for not taking time to look up the cable cast on the first time around and doing it right the first time around. That, too, was really easy, and I'm glad to have learned how to do it. So, I need to rip out the bind off row of the first gauntlet and do the picot cast-off there. Then they'll be totally finished.

The pic doesn't do the Mrs. Beeton justice. I had on a red sweater, which is sitting on top of the picot edge, so you can't see it here. Sorry.

(It seems almost as hard to get a good photo of mittens on oneself as it does to get good photos of socks on oneself. Odd angles...)

Also... in non-Beeton-related knitting news... but following the sock thread... my Jaywalkers have bitten the dust. Well, more precisely, they got washed... and they don't fit. I'd only worn them once. I got them out of the drawer today and tried to pull them on only to find them shrunken and slightly felted. I was heartbroken. I don't make that many socks, and to find that a pair I'd only worn once is now unwearable was almost beyond comprehension. Lesson learned.


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