Gifted with Cool Yarn

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I meant to show a photo of these previously and just now remembered to pull the pics off the camera. M bought me this yarn on a shopping trip with my Mom last month. I had just started the Beetons at that point, and she thought this yarn might be a good Beeton kind of yarn - with the integrated sparkles instead of beads. The color is great, too. When I was trying to get pics of it, Spencer kept reaching out and grabbing it. He's still working on learning a full caderie of colors, but "puple" he knows, and he couldn't keep his hands off of it. "Purple," he kept saying, as he'd grab the yarn. So, I thought I'd show a few toddler-hand-in-the-way pics, instead of a single, well-focused shot.

This yarn (below) is the Lorna's Shepherd Worsted I bought with a multi-D scarf in mind. I just LOVE the colors in this one. I could use it for anything, of course, but I would like to make a mindless multi-D. Every time I pick up this yarn, I smile. It feels SO great.


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