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July 1, 2006

CMP: Episode 5

Episode 5 of the Creative Mom Podcast is live. This week's show... My first attempts at making scones, reflections on listening to an interview with Cast-On's Brenda Dayne, the 5-year-old podcaster, the "great dig" to rediscover the desktop of my creative space, musings on crayon on the wall and the quest for and pull of many mediums, Danny Gregory's books and sites, Dan Eldon's journals, a continued (writing) prompt related to self-portraits, and more to get and keep you feeling inspired.

July 8, 2006

CMP: Episode 6

Episode 6 - Bins and Bags did go live yesterday (Friday). Unfortunately, something is up with the feed, so it's not showing up yet at iTunes or Feedburner. Sorry for the delay. (And thanks so much to the listener who alerted me to the problem!) You can reach the show directly at www.creativemompodcast.com... or, it should be live in the next day if you're a subscriber. No knitting content last week, but an update this week on my "podcast" shawl - a Koigu extravaganza for sure. Thanks for tuning in!

July 29, 2006

Episode 9: Fueling the Flame

Episode 9 of the Creative Mom Podcast is live with a focus on creative clutter, creative reference files, Origami, Sadako Sasaki, knitting update (socks and gauntlets), Moleskine update, an accordion-style creative prompt, perfect for adults and kids, a Creative Mom Moment essay titled "Process, Product, and the Pirate Ship," and more... and, as always, great podsafe music....

It looks like I didn't announce the last few episodes here... things have been a bit busy and crazy. But, in Episode 6, I made a special offer to listeners related to the Puzzle Blast newsletter for kids. If you missed it and are interested, check out the link on the show notes... it's a special $2 offer for the 12-page July issue as a way to give parents an inexpensive way to "try" Puzzle Blast.

Hope things are well. There actually is lots of knitting going on... and, as I reported on the CMP in Episode 8, I made a very cool needle case a few weeks ago. I need to post some pics here...


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