Episode 9: Fueling the Flame

Episode 9 of the Creative Mom Podcast is live with a focus on creative clutter, creative reference files, Origami, Sadako Sasaki, knitting update (socks and gauntlets), Moleskine update, an accordion-style creative prompt, perfect for adults and kids, a Creative Mom Moment essay titled "Process, Product, and the Pirate Ship," and more... and, as always, great podsafe music....

It looks like I didn't announce the last few episodes here... things have been a bit busy and crazy. But, in Episode 6, I made a special offer to listeners related to the Puzzle Blast newsletter for kids. If you missed it and are interested, check out the link on the show notes... it's a special $2 offer for the 12-page July issue as a way to give parents an inexpensive way to "try" Puzzle Blast.

Hope things are well. There actually is lots of knitting going on... and, as I reported on the CMP in Episode 8, I made a very cool needle case a few weeks ago. I need to post some pics here...


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