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August 30, 2006

Long Time...

A long time, I know... and yet there has been a good bit of knitting going on... especially knitting in Koigu... and stash enhancing when it comes to Koigu. It's the one yarn these days I can't resist if I'm faced with a yarn store... it's the one yarn that I buy and don't feel guilty about the amount of yarn already in the basement and the dwindling finances I have since I've been working less. So, lots of Koigu.

But, what drags me to the blog this morning is a question about lace... I know some of you have worked on Sivia Harding's Diamond Fantasy shawl... how hard is it? I was looking at the pattern, and it's the first lace I've considered that doesn't have a "break" row (or several). It has lace (patterning) on both right and wrong side rows.... rather than simply a garter or purl row back across the wrong side. Is it incredibly complicated? I was a bit overwhelmed contemplating a pattern with no "rest" row... because those "rest" rows are the ones I can do when the kids are milling around or when I just have a few minutes. But, it's a pattern I love and was getting ready to start... so, general feedback and words of wisdom requested!!! (I'm off to leave questions on a few sites where I know the shawl has appeared, too...)


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