Podcasts loaded


Okay... so it worked. Last time I tried it... plugging an iPod into someone else's computer (or actually someone else's iPod into my computer), it didn't work - didn't immediately recognize it as a drive. But, I gave it a try here anyway, and it worked. I loaded podcasts on Mom's shuffle, and that was great. But then I needed to do something else and popped my mini into her laptop, and up it came. I couldn't copy anything from my mini to her iTunes, of course. But, I was able to drag over a few other podcast episodes I'd downloaded.

There will be much to report in coming days... already it's been a hugely creative Christmas. I know it's not all about the gifts, but gifts are fun, and this year, already, everything I've opened has been something to do or to "use" to do... both in terms of knitting and sketching and painting. So, so, so fun.

I actually logged on just now to go and check out what I can find out about Rotring Art Pens...


Glad that your holiday is going well! Ours was wonderful also, and I'm just now starting to catch my breath.

Not that I need to take on something else, but...you've been really inspiring me lately with all the talk about creative journaling. My only problem is picking "the perfect" blank book to journal in. Any suggestions? Other podcast listeners might be interested as well. =)

Hi Amy! can't wait to see your list! Send me your addy and I will make sure something random and creative comes your way when you least expect it. :)


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