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Well, I picked up a few skeins of Trekking a few weeks back... sort of on a whim because I came face to face with it and I know I've heard a lot of mentions of it on the blogs. I'm planning to start a new pair of socks with in in the next week or so. (Gotta wrap up a few remaining holiday things first... hat for my brother, another pair of Fetchings, Regia Jubilee socks I started forever ago before I realized I didn't like self-patterning yarn...) I haven't determined yet what the best pattern is to try for my first Trekking socks. I just want something straightforward, and I'm taking a few basic options with me and also found this Trekking pattern. (I found this scarf, too, and I'm not planning to do a scarf, but I wonder if this would work in Koigu?)

I'm still really itching to try Socks that Rock. Maybe 2007 really will be the year for socks for me.

And then, the special Violet Pink Ribbon colorway by Lisa Souza is very, very pretty... and helps Violet of the Lime and Violet Podcast, which is great.

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Hello Amy,
the last socks I knitted with Trekking yarn were the Thuja-Socks from Knitty (for my husband) and the Rib-and-Cable-Socks from Nancy Bush, IWK Fall 2005. Both worked out great and I love them!

Thank you very much for your link to the Trekking scarf. After all the christmas knitting for others its really nice to knit something for myself and the scarf it is. :-)

Happy holidays to you and your family and a happy, healthy New Year!

Greetings from Germany,

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