Music anyone?

2007-JAN-30-guitar (Music Anyone?)

This little orange plastic guitar caught my eye the other day. It's something that will no doubt go down in one bag or another this year as something we've sort of outgrown as a family. It's very cute with its chubby rounded shape, brightly colored buttons and knobs.


Very cool that you could capture it here... so no matter where it ends up, you have a sketch of it to aid in memory later... :))))

No comments??? I can't believe it actually! But you are right. Of course I could't comment on the last didn't have a place I thought I would post here. I've promised myself that I would start posting my journal experiments also now that I have a scanner...but have I??? No I've been sick instead......I will try to get on with it like you. I have to admit like the card cataloguer maker...well I used to type them up didn't I!!! But being a traditionalist...not sure I could use the cards for anything but book related stuff!

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