All About a Little Plastic Chair?


This is a quick (though not great) impression of one of the two little plastic chairs that came with a plastic LEGO table Gramma gave the oldest a few years back. The chairs have become staples in our living room where, admittedly, we do most things, including eat. (Sorry, we really are down-to-earth people and NOT at all a Norman Rockwell painting. Hope I'm not bursting any bubbles. You have to envision that our dining room table is currently covered with several thousand LEGO pieces currently in use - or creations in states of recent breakdown that might be able to easily be put back together instead of being stored back away in bins, one of the three sewing machines, a stack of fabrics paired with zippers for pen pouches, a huge Lazy Susan basket my mother wove for me for Christmas, and other piles of things...)

The problem (with the little plastic chairs) is that while the legs on the chairs are interchangeable, there's nothing we can do about the fact that one chair has a blue back and one has a red back. But, the BLUE back is the one they (suddenly) both want. It's a constant source of contention and whining and tears.

We try and have them alternate. But there's still constant "trouble" over the chairs. I even had to laugh at the oddity of me threatening last week to make them both sit in the floor if it didn't stop. Once the words came out, I knew how silly the whole thing sounded.

Today, after finally getting them settled back down after more seating battles, I realized that I need to bring up the two wooden unfinished chairs I have in the basement, prime them, and tackle painting them. I love doing decorative furniture painting, and it should be fun. I guess I have to put their names on the chairs - otherwise, one is sure to end up a favorite and we'll be right back where we started, right? (Because while it might seem to make sense to paint them identical, that would sort of go against the grain of doing a really cool decorative and colorful paint job on each. But, I'll at least use the same palette of colors and similar patterning. But, I'm thinking names are mandatory.)


We have a fairly common Ikea set, one chair with a dog and one with a cat. We went through a stage where they both had to have the cat recently. I can relate. :)

Love the story! I'll have to remember that -- and -- if you DO end up painting the chairs, PLEASE let us see on flickr! :)))))

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