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This is the ATC I made (painted) and sent off to my recipient for the Creative Mom Podcast ATC Exchange for March. The theme this month was "A Space of One's Own." Listeners of the show know, immediately, that the chair pictured here is "my" chair - where I sit with my cup of coffee (on the little black table you see next to it) and sketch in the mornings after I shower and make two lunches but before I get the boys up and make breakfast and get them dressed for school.

I love the chair. It's one of a matched set that we stumbled over I guess two years ago. We had gone to Cheesecake Factory (on top of Macy's) for my partner's birthday and had to wait, so we'd wandered with our pager down to the furniture floor. When we saw these, it was instant love. The colors are perfect for us, even though we didn't have anything gold at the time. And I love the print.

It's appeared in a number of sketches (I noticed recently) in my journals over the last year. This is the first time, I think, I've painted it (or given it color) with the exception of the (poor) portrait I did for my mom two years ago of the boys sitting in this chair.

In case there's any doubt... I do NOT have green walls or a green floor. And I do NOT have a yellow clock. In fact, we don't have a wall clock anywhere in the house. The wall behind the chair has an arrangement of black multi-photo frames centered over the table, and right above the chair is a piece of art the oldest did last year that we had framed at his school framing fundraiser. And I do NOT have a circular braided (or otherwise) rug like this under the chair - although I do think such a rug would be very nice and pretty! But, circular rugs don't work for me. I need angles... rectangles.

At any rate, I ended up really attached to the card (after it giving me fits trying to get the "whole" chair in the small space) and did hate to send it away. But, I did put it in the mail today.

I was taking a photo of it yesterday (since my scan did nasty things to the greens and yellows [and my camera is not liking reds]), and the oldest asked what I was doing.

I explained.

"But, you're only sending a picture of the picture, right? Not the real thing?"

I laughed. "No, I have to send the card. That's why I'm taking a picture."

And he let out quite the "awwwwww." He didn't want me to send it away either, which I found really cute - and interesting at the same time!

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I love the clock in the background... esp. it's positioning next to space - it's like your mind was saying "MY TIME and Space"... :) Just a cool little observation.... LOVE the chair.. very ME I have to say... and I'd have to have little whimsical pillows on it and maybe a quilt draped over the side. :) I love that that is your "space" to draw, too. I have a similar area, but my chair is a plain blue leather. NOT too exciting. :)

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