EDM #2 - Fractured Light


I talked about this sketch/painting in this week's episode of the Creative Mom Podcast (Ep 39). I also just realized that challenge #2 for the Everyday Matters Group is to draw a light/lamp. Since I've been planning forever to start working through those challenges, I'm posting this one here. I realized in looking over the list that I've drawn a few of the weekly challenge topics in recent months, in fact.


Lovely sketch - the colours of the stained glass seem to hit the right tone of depth and richness. I really enjoy the way the top text curves over it.

I used up the last page in my tiny sketchbook the other day - my first sketchbook. Your pages are inspiring me to be brave enough to try a larger sized page this time.

I love the Tiffany Lamp! The colors are BEAUTIFUL! :) You did a wonderful job with it... I'm sure this was difficult to do! AND I love how the journaling sort of frames the light at the top. Very cool! :)

i love that lamp. and i like it even better knowing it was the lamp you were talking about in your podcast!

-- Thanks, Marti! I'm glad to hear it helps to sometimes "see" the things I'm talking about - both things that work and things that don't! Amy


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