Paired Portraits

In Episode 40 (maybe) of the Creative Mom Podcast, I mentioned, among other fragments and ramblings and disconnected ideas, that I'd had this idea for some kind of portrait exchange where a bunch of us would swap photos and draw portraits of each other and thus create this self-drawn Flickr gallery of the Creative Mom Podcast circle of listeners. NO ONE commented on that idea at all - even listeners that tend to pick up on little things like that didn't mention it. It's okay. I assumed that either a) you thought it was a crazy idea or b) you thought it would be cool but don't have an interest in drawing someone's face. But, the idea did NOT leave me. I've thought about it a few times. There are other things I think would be cool, like an ATC swap for the kids. But, I'm not up for "running" that, most likely. The portrait swap, would just be cool. And then, just now...

as I browsed around on Danny's site (I'm sounding a bit like a stalker, huh. I should turn off my monitor and go draw something or paint something. The Chinese and Japanese eggplant I was mysteriously compelled to buy last week in the grocery is softening in the fridge, I noticed today. The colors speak to me. I have told myself repeatedly they bear painting. And then there is this cool coffee cup, handmade by a friend in college, that has been on my mind lately, and I finally climbed up on a stool and found it buried behind the dozens of other coffee mugs that get used more routinely, and I know I have to draw it.)...

as I browsed around on Danny's site, I saw a link to this: The Portrait Party - which is exactly that kind of pair up and draw someone else kind of project. One of those moments where timing feels too, too, too, eerie ... as it did when an hour after I finished plotting out my notes for Episode 43 of the Creative Mom Podcast, which I'm hoping to record before we leave for a road trip to the mountains and the melting snow, and those notes include a lot of discussion of restaurant art with kids ... restaurant art appears, out of the blue, front and center on the CMP Circle Yahoo! group email list. Again, the timing almost knocked me over. It was just really strange.

So. Go check out the portrait party.

And, if you're a CMP listener, consider doing a portrait sometime. You don't have to swap with me. Pick a person from the CMP Circle Flickr group (or the email list) and do a swap of photos. I'll set up the album...

Meanwhile, I'm going to go check on the eggplant.

(Oh, and by the way, there are some "issues" with where I have this site sitting. Ultimately, I need to port the whole thing over to the Creative Mom Podcast server, which will mean a bit of headache for the older posts/images. But, it has to be done. Hopefully, the site will still be running when we return from the mountains, and I'll tackle it then!)

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