White, white, white

I've taken more than my share of photos this week with the camera facing me trying to get the gist of this white striping at my part. But, I glanced up in the rear view mirror today, and the stripe jumped at me - so I took a different approach - turning the camera on the mirror instead. I could cope with the white stripe. I actually find it funny. But I've been stunned at the number of people in the last two weeks, as it's gotten more pronounced, who have been in the middle of a conversation with me and then their eyes wander up to the "white" and then back down to my face. Do they think I don't SEE THAT?!?! Amazing. It is strangely bright and white, I guess. I catch site of it almost every time I pass a mirror - like it's a reflector pad or something - and yet I had trouble getting it to "show" clearly in the zillion photos I tried to snap to capture it before I, um, deal with it (eventually). I'm really not that old. But, my whole family went white young, and I seem to be increasingly so.

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