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Click through to the Flickr image to see notes on titles. But, a few highlights and direct links here...

  • The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration - great information/resource and the examples of sample artwork with hand lettering are quite wonderful and beautiful.

  • The Kitchen Knight: A Tale of King Arthur (by Margaret Hodges [Author] and Trina Schart Hyman [Illustrator]) - second from this team that we've read. We just discovered this one. It's wonderful for those with knightly interests - not aimed at the youngest crowd... longer story. But excellent retelling and illustration.

  • Saint George and the Dragon (by the same duo noted above) - when we first got this one last year, we had to read it repeatedly, many times, to satisfy the initial enthusiasm for it. Beautiful artwork; great medieval story.

  • Nate the Great - If, like us, your child has exhausted the Magic Treehouse series, almost finished the A to Z Mysteries, and is looking for something new, give Nate the Great a try. The stories are a bit shorter than the other two series - but perfect for early reading-on-my-own time - or great for a quick half hour sit with them in your lap and share a mystery moments. Second half of the book (in some versions) has activities prompted by the story (I assumed all versions had this - but the library ones don't - they are nice, hardback, and with full-color illustration - so, versions vary!).

  • Watercolor Pencil Magic - I know I've checked this one out before, but I thought I'd look at it again. I respect Cathy Johnson's work and love that she's a frequent participant on the Everyday Matters Group.

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Wow, Amy-- That is a LARGE STACK! Very cool though. I love the Watercolor Pencil Magic, and may need to check that one out myself!!! I see a few lettering books in there too! WAY COOL! :))))

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