Color Me Flabbergasted...

That it worked!!! Time has been bad/crazy/fractured/messed up since we got back, and so the things I really need/want/hope to do (like get the podcast pushed out) haven't happened. And so I dawdle around doing sort of inconsequential things. But, because it seemed "doable" even if not of the utmost importance, I decided to go ahead and clear up the blog hosting problem. And, the whole export/import thing worked. It totally worked. At one point, I said, "Okay. Best case scenario, I now have two blogs. Worst case scenario, the Creative Mom Podcast site is gone." But, it worked! So, I think everything is here on this site. It's just on a new server. Shouldn't impact your viewing of the site - but you may need/want to update the RSS feed. (Give it a few days. I still have to get the domain redirected here.)

In the interim, yeah! This has just been on the backburner forever. If you've been with me for the almost 3 years of the blog, you remember I originally owned I lost it during a mess-up with the host who had registered it. And oh, I still get really upset and red in the face when I think about it. I LOVED that domain. It was SOOOOO me. Then, the same host just went incommunicato. I don't need help much, but I would have been willing (back then) to renew my service appropriately. And, I couldn't. So, forever I've been needing to dump the site. Long story short... the site now has a new home.

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