Pink Bottle

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This water bottle has become a favorite. It's a "happy" pink for sure. The aluminum top and bottom left me scratching my head just a bit. (Scanned color is a bit off, too.) Funny thing with something like this is that after I drew it, I was left with half a page - blank. If I'd centered the drawing, that would have been okay. But since I offset it, it felt like I needed to fill in the other side. And yet, with "what"? (I'd actually done a coffee history on the two preceding pages with a different sketch - so that would have been logical but redundant at this point.) Just one of those moments in this kind of journaling that left me thinking well, hmmmm. (Same thing happened with some mini tea pots that are on the bottom 1/3rd of a page. I ended up leaving them. Added a title. And just left the space. It's JUST a sketchbook!

1 Comment

Ok, I have to admit, after seeing your sketch, and then seeing these, I bought one... to encourage my "beverages other than coffee" drinking!

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