Stuff is in progress


Episode 43 of the Creative Mom Podcast is finally live, for those of you who've landed here before there. So, that's something.

And then, the above... just a sneak peek. I've got a bunch of things in progress/process right now that I'm excited about / feeling good about / finding are making me happy. Of course, having things going all at once (which is typical for "me") and spread in varying stages in the kitchen can be risky. But, it works. And though things have been busy, and I have this bad feeling that some of my ongoing up and down "funk" is probably something other than just creative temperament, I've been carving out time here, there, and whenever to work on things. And, the things I'm working on surprise me. But, they're feeling good - especially these 'little' ones. After this week, I've been having this total 360-degree change of heart in terms of my comfort level with working in what I call micro-mode. All of a sudden, I'm "all over it" as I watch a set of early morning sketches take form on the small cards. (I did, however, have to draw one little person a dozen times in progressively smaller versions to get her to scale!) I'll be talking about these small things (probably next week on the CMP), but I was feeling the silence (my own) on my blog again and wanted to post something full of color and zest and vitality and ART. So, there it is. Fragments. Peeks. Snippets. Hints. Teases. All good.

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