Yeah! A Box Arrived

You probably already know what half of this box is about... The time for the kindergarten auction project has finally arrived, and so I ordered some inks and a few brayers (to have for personal use, too, and in case I couldn't get my hands on enough via the school art closet). I struck out when it came to ordering plates (to roll ink on) and trays (to roll ink in). But, having the ink and brayers at hand is exciting. The two new books were an impulse. I've had "issues" with the Moleskine watercolor format (even though I've realized what a great value that book is), and I've liked the larger format spiral watercolor books I've used - even though they don't have quite the same feeling of portability (e.g., they won't fit in my Timbuk2 as easily). The other book is a HAND-BOOK journal, which I heard about from one of my favorite Flickr contacts (whose work I admired immensely). When I saw the books were available at Dick Blick, I couldn't resist trying them. They have the same size as the Moleskine watercolor (which Dick Blick also carries, of course), but I got all excited by the idea of a square book, so that's what I got. (And, obviously, I went for the green cover rather than black or blue.) I haven't broken it in yet, but it's got a nice white paper, elastic strap, and attached storage envelope on the back inside cover.

As for the monoprinting... Day 1 of it was actually today. So, I have to fill in details on the testing we did this week - and I'll post a photo or two of the prints the oldest did last night testing things for me. I did some ugly prints. He did two fabulous ones. (Typical.)

(I'm actually exhausted. I ended up with maybe 25 minutes with 9 kids to explain the process and have them do prints. It then took me about an hour to clean up. What a mess. Next week, I'll see the other 9. I'm going to try and streamline how much I have out and how they approach it. Lesson learned.)

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