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There are 9 pages of this set. They're all ready to post... just having some hesitation. As I post others, you'll see how the style shifted... and I played... and I settled in... and, generally, I had a lot of fun and got more comfortable. I added a touch of color in spots as a last step... but I need to explore that and figure out what really works for me on that level... which means... of course... yeah... more tools required. Endless, huh. At any rate, I have some thoughts on this process (don't I always), some of which I think I may talk about as part of the CMP. But... at least with these pages all done, I'm ready to focus on this week's show... I'm really not even all that "late" yet... but it will be a few days late.

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The page is awesome! ...and although I love the show and can't wait for the next episode, I'm glad that you are putting your artwork first. You are truly committed to yourself, and that's what we need to see in a role model :)))))


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