A Sweater


"... and, today's your day for acrosports, so you wear sweatpants." (Says A, finishing up getting boy #2 dressed.)

"Spencer is a sweater! Spencer is a sweater!" (Chants M, bouncing around the room.)

"What?" (Asks A.)

"Spencer is a sweater!"

"No he's not! That's not nice!" (Says A.)

"Sweat-er... He's a sweat-er!"

"Not a sweater you wear. A sweater!"

"He's not sweating. Stop that!"

"No, not a sweater you wear... A sweater!" (He repeats and begins pantomiming someone pulling on clothes.) "Not a sweater you wear. Someone who wears sweats!"


A consequence of a creative child? haha

Ya'll have a fun life! LOL!


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