Back (But Slowly)


(I had no "real" email waiting from anyone blog- or CMP-related. Wow. Or is that yikes?!?!)

(Updated: Hey everyone, I was kidding. I know that I gave plenty of advance notice I was leaving and that you all respected that... I know that. I was really kidding as I broke the bubble of silence around my blog upon my return. And, we had a great time [broken and stitched and healing and swollen toe and all]. So, lots to come. But, wanted to say the official "hello" to everyone --- comic style... even if hastily-drawn and tongue-in-cheek... To know me is, of course, to love me. Yeah, sure! I know, you really all ARE glad I'm back!)


Hi Amy! I love the comic-style page here... and I think you didn't have any messages because we knew you were gone! :)))) I know how it is to come back to a trillion messages... be glad you didn't. :)

~ AC: Well... I did... it was just mostly junk. Nothing to savor!

Just that we knew you were gone and didn't want to bombard you! I had actually just checked your blog yesterday morning, wondering when you were heading back. I was worried my Bloglines were screwed up and I'd missed your return. Glad you're back! :)

Welcome home, you were truly missed. I can't wait to hear about your time away.

Yep, I think Rachel is right. Everyone knew you were gone and felt it better to overwhelm you with mail once you returned instead of while you were away. Welcome home!

We missed you, we really did. I could not believe how QUIET the CMP group has been since you've been gone. Glad you had a good trip. Summer is the time for busy-work and procrastinating after all. cheers

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