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Yesterday was one of those days... becoming more common and freaking me out... even as it makes clear why I really don't have time to get a lot of (ahem, paying) work done. I left at 8:15 for the co-op because I'd agreed a while back to sub... I got home a bit after five (the co-op part ended just before 1). An odd day. But, strangely, it did involve not one but two visits to the library - two different branches, in fact... one with just S., then one with both (where we finally, albeit quite lately, signed up for the summer reading program, not that we need the incentive, but I feel it's something the kids should do as an 'official' summer thing).

I picked up the greatest haul of books I'd reserved at the library on trip #1. One of them I started reading while I waited to pick up my camper... the little one having crashed out in the back on the way there (no nap only works if we have NOWHERE to go the rest of the day). Immediately, I was so darned excited I couldn't stand it. I was holding a gem in my hands. I was holding a key to a treasure trove in my hands. It's a book I know I will buy and have to have. I'll report on that one... and those... later... maybe.

This next one jumped off the shelf at me the second stop... one was sitting, nose in a book he'd selected from the carousels, one was pulling five zillions movies off the shelf while we passed a few minutes before our next stop. I read this one to the little one last night (along with a few others from the day's stack), and it's quite funny (delightfully so) in some really strange way (though depending on your family, you might take it differently)... and quite well done both in terms of the writing and the art. Not for your youngest, necessarily, although I read it to mine... I'd say read it yourself first. But... look at it. I stumbled across it while poking in the kids' graphic novel section. It does use elements of comic style... but it's not what I'd put in that section... it's full-page, full color, collaged and textured and amazing art: The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish.

And, for some reason... the way I just described that one makes me think of Math Curse, which I talked about forever ago and loved SOOOOO, SOOOO much. If you never checked that one out, do so! Great for summer, too.

Then, also look at I AM I. It's one the book jacket describes as deceptively simple, and I agree. Check it out from the library... not a lot of text here. But... fascinating... and poignant... and geez you know I love that kid's hair on the cover... and, ummm, there are birds... and poppies... and a lot of kid angst....

Here's what I'm feeling as I start today... I want all of us to be creative... obviously. I want all of us to be individuals, too. I think everyone has to find his/her own voice and creative identity. And there is a modicum of imitation, of course, that is part and parcel to the process. It's how we learn and grow. Finding one's own path is the goal. I wish you all creative and productive weekends.

And, I hope my kids never want to trade me for a pair of goldfish.


o.k. now i'm all curious....
what books? please post a stack photo to your flickr :)

Hello Amy,
Did you come by Neil Gaiman's picture books via his graphic novels? Just curious from the librarian's perspective. I love his Wolves in the Wall--it's a fave of my two and kids at school around Halloween time. His kid's novel Coraline is good in a spooky way.

i dont think that you have to worry about being traded in for goldfish! goldfish don't cook and aren't nearly as creative.

i dont think that you have to worry about being traded in for goldfish! goldfish don't cook and aren't nearly as creative.

Copy that... I mean, I understand your point. I am 'trying to find my path'... I strayed for a bit. Sometimes it's easy to play it safe and try something you've seen, I think of it like homework and eventually I don't need that crutch. One teacher I had for 2-D was givng what I thought were ... dumb assignments, I challenged him a bit and he said, "I'm like your kite string," meaning without the assignments/limits we would soar, flounder and crash. The CMP has been my kite string :)

Have you seen: How do You Say Peace? by, Karen Katz --it's our favorite daily read.

LOVED hearing S's rendition of I AM I on the show ... so cute and said with gusto!

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