Critters and Pin Cushions

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I have been doing a good bit of work at my machine... not brilliant, inspired, full-o'-meaning work like my friend Gooma8x, but still... functional sewing. And yet... that has nothing to do with why I'm making this post. Although I did make Jack (the mostly unloved oversized doll) a few years back, I'm not really the one in the house that does doll and bear sewing. That's my other half. But... I did teach myself to knit however many years ago it was because I found Debbie Bliss's book of knitted teddy bearsand was smitten. (I never did make one - but I did learn to knit as a result of buying that book.)

You all know how much I love Stupid Sock Creatures (the book) (and I've even advocated a stupid sock creature as a perfect holiday or end-of-year gift for a beloved teacher... every classroom probably needs a stupid sock mascot or something similar). (Of course... I was a little disheartened by the strong legalese on the SSC site recently. I understand the reasoning... and yet it did sadden me a little.)

So why was I out at Amazon the other day doing a search that led me here? I am not even sure now... but in poking around, all these other "animal" and "critter" and "toy" books popped into my frame of sight. And... so I share the love. Plush-O-Rama is the one I think I am most interested in seeing. (I've reserved it at the library.)

But... I thought some of you might enjoy poking around some of these, too.

As for me... what I'm realizing I need to make is a pin cushion. Earlier this summer there was some "not just quilts" issue of a quilting magazine that came out, and there's a great square pin cushion in it (maybe even on the cover*). I'll have to go check Manda's site. She had the cover posted. I almost bought it when I ran into it. Then, I didn't. But... I remember that pin cushion. And then I started seeing some more... and then Manda did her fabulous (they seriously make me squeal every time I see them on her page) selvage cushions. And... I keep thinking... I've never made a pin cushion... but I should. I absolutely hate the one I'm using. And I know there are others scattered around that I equally dislike. I keep seeing great ones online and at Flickr. I even followed a few links to tutorials (here's another) last week on the basic construction. I should make one. So, I'm toying with the idea of that... (LIKE I NEED ANOTHER PROJECT) but as I keep sewing up functional little bags that have just a bit of fun on them, I find I love looking through books for all these crazy and zany creatures...

Had either of my boys given two hoots for things like this, it might have been a different story!

Go on... poke around. I don't know that I want a "cute" pin cushion (honestly), but poke around. Look here, for example. And here. And here. And, not a pin cushion - but cute! Okay, I'll stop. You'll find plenty once you poke around. What would your perfect pin cushion look like?

And... these will be ones to look for in the fall:

[*Yes! On the cover. I found Manda's post where she shows the cover of Quilts and More (Summer 2007) and the cute pin cushion on the cover.]

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Can we get a glimpse of Jack? A sketch? My Q. would give him some love! We call him Mr. Mom, he's got 2 dolls. The first one of my kids to ever give a doll any attention. (finally) Good luck with the pin cushions ;)

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