Episode 58


Episode 58 of the Creative Mom Podcast is live. This week... short and sweet (seriously!). Where Women Create comes up... and it's one that is so much fun to look at. It's beatifully photographed and full of inspiring ideas.

I should be organizing, I suppose, rather than blogging and surfing and emailing... actually... I should be painting or sewing. It's true!

Oh, but I'm back again because in trying to close about 20 browsers, I thought, "Hey, I'll just see what's on the front page of Whip Up and found this post and this group... all related. And, ummm, I'm seeing walls of cork.

Kritty double-dared me today to post a photo of one of my messy (albeit reorganized) squares of cork. But after scanning just a few of the photos in that Flickr group above, I doubt I'll EVER be showing photos of anything remotely related to how and where I work. And I'm not answering the doorbell if it rings, either! (Well, that's a given. I don't answer the phone, either, unless I really have to - or unless it's my mom. Caller ID is a blessing.)

I really need a P.O. box... just in case.


Oh, come on! You are too funny. I'll check the sites above and that book. I loved the short but sweet show. I will make you a portrait for the grid someday! :)

me too (the portrait thing...which i love and may do by the way).
i dream of getting a chance to be on Trading Spaces, or some show like that and picking my studio for the transformation. It just couldn't be that Mission Organization type show where they want me to get rid of things. Ack!
Now I can get rid of things in other places in the house - easy. But, I might need *every*thing* in the studio - that's why I collected it.
I'd send you a print of one of my daily collages - if I ever learn how to create them. (book suggestion?)

~AC: Hi Celeste - I'm not sure what it is you don't know how to create?


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