Postcards and Colors...


So... the above are postcards (which those of you at Flickr know). I don't even think the original color scheme appears in the above grid. I was playing around in prepping and printing a set for Kritty (who asked if she could have some to mail out to friends who might be interested in the podcast), and I started messing with color. I had originally thought I'd start all over and do a new design... and then maybe have a set printed up (rather than futzing with it here at home - plus, then they'd be nice and shiny and glossy and in richer color than I'm seeing on my HP All-in-One with which I constantly do battle these days). But... a new design just wasn't in me this weekend. Besides, once I opened this one up (and I think it's a Jan 2007 design... similar to the first Cafe Press journal I did), I found that I still like many things about it. It's frilly, yes. And swirly, yes. And maybe even girly (which despite the name, I hope the show is not). But... there's still something about it. Ironically, I never sent these. Maybe I sent 1 or 2. But that was it. So, they haven't gotten any use... so Kritty's request for some was a good thing. And hers are ready to mail out... assorted colors.

What I'm torn about is if I do go ahead and have some printed... I'd have to settle on a color scheme... and I am not sure that I can choose just one now that I've played around with them!


Thanks Amy!! I can't wait to see them in person! HP or glossy the design rocks! I will post pix of what I collage on to them and I'll let you know any feedback. One of my friends I'm seeing soon was on Crafters Coast to Coast, super crafty mama. Thanks for sending them, glad they've been revived... I think the grid would make a nice PC too-- or a nice anything on Cafepress... Post it and I'll buy a new mug for school so I can have CMP with me during the school day. (bittersweet) (((hug)))

I love the hawaiian-looking motifs in the background! :)

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