More Erasers


I've written a much more extensive note about this at Flickr, so click through if you're interested in my "take" on how "wrong" things went here. On the spectrum of my carving experience thus far... well... this one ranks higher than "The Scream" for sure! This one was halfway an exercise in finesse. I won't say I succeeded, but I did stretch myself a bit. One I'm mailing out to one of you is an utter hack-job in comparison to this one. So, I can see the evolution here... for sure.

I probably should have been knitting, instead... One of you has asked whatever happened to my Podcast Sweater. I looked guiltily at it hanging on my bedroom closet door last night. I did finish Matthew's Goldenrod hat, and I'm midway through Spencer's turquoise Jitterbug hat. So... my needles aren't totally silent. But... I found carving an eraser stamp perfect for an episode of Big Brother last night.

I am going to have to get knitting though... it's quickly coming up on that time of year... and a few things are already on my holiday mental list... How can it be almost August!


I love the stamp!! :) It's very very cool... esp. the CMP letters at the bottom. I half-way expected to see a microphone! :) LOL!

The stamp is really cool! I don't think I could even ATTEMPT to do a self-portrait! :) LOL

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