Parenthetically Speaking...

(I've been poking around at Flickr... I've popped in a few blogs...)

((I have much to share and show and talk about... including a week's worth of graphic-novel format (okay, comic) pages nearing completion that capture one "view" of the trip (in many, many boxes) ... and that have become an obsession for me... I am almost finished inking the last few pages... and then... I'll start posting them... and only after that will I begin sorting out the next episode of the CMP... because some of "it" will, of course, repeat what appears in the "strips...," and I'd rather have them up first... but... all at once or a day at a time... I'm still debating.))

(((Did I mention how glad I am to be back online?!?! )))

((((More... once I finish inking... ))))

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