Save-Ums and Snack...

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Some mornings, ya know.... I had several things mapped out for this morning... not that they'd have all fit into my 3.5 hour window for a Monday morning, of course.... but I had options... a list... an agenda... And we all got out of the house pretty much on schedule... two cars going separate ways because Monday camp-drop-off is a bit earlier than other days... so splitting up works better. The fog was incredibly dense on our hill... and wet... sort of drippy feeling, so I offered a hat to the camper as he climbed into the other car... "No," he called back to me.

"I have your Save-Ums hat," I called, rummaging in my trunk, and knowing that both his Koigu hats are upstairs.

"Okay!" (Came the excited reply.)

And I passed over the hat. And for some reason, the excited reply, and the "yes" after the "no" made me really happy. He looks so cute in that hat. (Above photo is old... by more than a year.)

As we pulled up alongside their car at the first traffic light so that the little one could wave at them out his window, I was struck at how cute he looks in that hat... my little boy... still excited by a "save-ums"-inspired hat. That's pretty cool.

And then I went on to the co-op to drop-off the little one. He walked in proudly showing the director his newly acquired oinking-Pig flashlight... and then she turned to me... "Hello snack-mom!"

And I must have blanched.

I've never walked in on my snack day empty handed before... in the three years we've been a co-op family, this was a first. And I felt so bad... and so embarrassed.

Not the best way to begin the day. I got it taken care of, of course. Just not the way I "usually" do... no homemade pumpkin oatmeal mini muffins or, what I made last month, mini corn muffins (which were a first but were really good!). Oh well...

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I just want you to know that you have become my inspiration to chronicle my crafts not only on my blogs but in an art journal.

Thanks so much for keeping the process of creativity cool and not just for the young in age but for the young-at-heart as well.

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