They Say...


(I took hundreds - no big surprise. And this is not my favorite - but there's something about the hands/arms here...)

So, I believe I deleted the Captain Underpants story (about the youngest at school) before I left... although Cheryl alluded to it at Flickr... so some of you may have seen it before I thought better of a longwinded post and abbreviated what I'd said the day before we headed out. At any rate... we sat down at lunch yesterday at a favorite diner. "Would you like to take off your coat, S," we asked. The immediate reply: "Can I take off my pants, too?"

And then... today, the first day of LEGO camp... and the first time the oldest has been in any program that involved having more than "just" lunch with him (2 snacks and lunch required for this)... I packed it all up... explained it... added in drinks... explained it again... and he looked at me, all worried, and said: "Can you write me a note?"


Soooo incredibly funny! ...and I love the picture. This is something worthy of framing... or at least scrapbooking. A treasure!

this pic is beautiful... well framed--- perfect... have you thought about going black and white and just handpainting the hats??????

(just a thought;)

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