A = 1 Point

The keyring above was made - just for me - by Kritty of Kritty.com. When I made the first set of OAmyOAmy pen pouches available, Kritty suggested a trade... and I so clearly came out way ahead in this deal*. After seeing the keychains she made the blogger at Old School Acres, I was smitten, absolutely smitten, with the keychain idea. Kritty does necklaces - great ones, beautiful ones. But, I have a number of pendants and a few to which I'm very, very attached and which I wear all the time.

So, I really wanted a keychain. And, as I said, I was smitten by the two I saw with the children's names and the small symbols. But... I had no idea what "word" I would suggest she use. I considered a few things. M. suggested their initials - which posed some OBVIOUS problems. (If I write them here, little one's first and then big boy's... I'll end up with a zillion spammers on my site again. So, if you know the names of my kids, you "get" it. Otherwise, just ignore and keep reading.)

Ultimately, I couldn't decide.

So I left it up to Kritty.

My keyring arrived a week or so ago. (I've been slow in getting the photos in place for this post.) And... what a wonderful keyring it is! It's a Scrabble "A" on the one side. The other side says "MIDDLE A." Those of you who have listened to my podcast for a while will recall the show this year on the week of my brother and grandfather's birthdays when I talked about the significance of "the Middle A" for me. So, I was incredibly touched when I turned it over in my hands and saw that.... And then... on the edge... so tiny that I can't fathom how she did it... she's printed: CREATIVE MOM.

It's a work of art. It's a work of meaning. It's smooth and silver and has wonderful weight to it in my hands. It's full of words and symoblism for me both at this point in my life and in the history of my family since I will always be the "Middle A." And I love it.

Do I think you should go and put in an order for a keyring of your own? You bet I do. Do I think you should consider an initial or word keyring or pendant as a holiday gift or a birthday gift or a just because gift for someone else? You bet I do. Do I think you should be buying handmade this year? You bet I do.

Is it too early for such things? Absolutely not. It's August.... and thus begins the fastest few months of the year for many of us. So... start thinking now... what letter or word do YOU need?

[* I didn't mention above that Kritty also sent me a stack of ATC's she'd made with her hand-carved stamps, blank ATCs... in a cute pocket that says "blanks," another pocket of ephemera, and... rulers... since I can never find mine. It was such a great package. If you ever get anything from me in the mail, any of you, you probably won't find all that. I'm usually doing good just to get something in an envelope and to the mailbox. And these days, I have to go to the post office to have things weighed and measured, which only adds to the time it may take for something to actually be mailed. It's true. So, thanks all around, Kritty! Seeing the packets of "makings" Kritty sent, and recalling that Poppins included some makings with a birthday card she sent me makes me think a SMALL ephemera swap would, indeed, be kind of neat sometime. I know many of you have done those.]


Wow! What a cool idea...and thoughtful, too. And so well executed. I was amazed by the micro text on the edge even before reading your post.

I too am discovering the world of art swapping. Never would have thought of it until it was suggested by others in exchange for one of my little zines. I think society should move away from the monetary system and exchange handmade or homegrown goodies for services of all sorts. Oil change? How about a cool drawing of your car. Maybe I'll give that a try.

It's SOOO lovely!!!!!!!!!!


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