A World of Color




Should I muster a show next week, a bit of knitting will crop up (some of you miss it, I know). I thought I'd be saying that I was "considering" working on the Podcast Sweater again... but, alas, in a fit of restless energy last night (I generally only knit at night), I dragged it out... spent time figuring out where I was (that I had written "armhole" instead of "shoulder" in one spot on my series of notes took a while to figure out, for sure...)... and finished up the two fronts. The back is halfway done.... This will happen!

But... overall... such color!


What a coincidence - I've been all about the knitting lately, too. I think I've been craving the textural rhythm of it all. And the colour. Gosh, those are beautiful yarns you're using. I'm going to have to click on the pics to find out what they are.

Before going online today, I pulled out my knitting basket to take inventory. sigh...I have never finished a sweater, actually I have only ever started one sweater. The back is done and the left front is almost done. It's supposed to be for my 3 year old daughter but the back tells me it would fit my 7 year old son. sigh...the left front goes 3/4 of the way across instead of only 1/2. so what do I do, it's past the point of pulling it all out. perhaps join the sections with another color section and create a lovely wrap? hmmm - patte


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