Today was "back to school," which meant... yesterday.... I had to "decide" what to do with my hair.

As I dried my hair a week or so ago, I realized that this summer I let myself go grayer/whiter than ever before. I watched it happen... but it was summer, so I didn't have to see the day-to-day elementary school drop-off crowd. I was still at the co-op several times a week, but it's a co-op folks, which tells you something inherent about the community, at its core. So, I let it go... in part, the summer sun (although it has been foggy as soup a lot) strips color from my hair very quickly. So, I haven't rushed to color.

I figured I could wait to do it until right before school started back up... and, ultimately, that's exactly what I did.

I know many of you are of the "stay natural" mindset.

As with most things in life, I've got the each-to-her-own mentality.

So, let me tell you a little story...

My grandfather had beautiful snowy white hair all my life.

My uncle went snow white in his late 20s.

My mom started going white in her 30s. But it wasn't until late 40s that she let it go and stopped "covering."

And she loved it. She had nice gray/white hair. And she loved it very much. We all supported that.

But, after a scary time of medical stuff, we were really pushing for dying the hair just to give her a bit of a new leash on things.

She was resistant.

A year later, we were still pushing.

And she agreed.

Now... we're do-it-at-home type folks... so we all three went, and debated, and picked a nice medium blonde shade, thinking it would take her back to where she wanted to be...

(I tried to stay mostly out of the picking. I didn't want to be responsible. But I was there.)

And... an hour later, she came out with.... PURPLE hair.


You may hear about ladies with blue hair.

This was a class of its own. This was purple. A shade of lavender, in fact.... maybe tinged with some pink... and still some gray.

I almost died. I felt so bad and so responsible.

She handled it very well.

(Amazingly so, in fact.)

And after a long time at a salon the next day, it at least wasn't purple any more.

Now... me... I've had my own hair issues and color stories....

So I debated this summer... halfway I got really used to the sheer quantity of white I have... and yet.... yesterday... I went ahead and "did" it... and... I must say, I feel like a new person!

Hair is a strange thing...


Hair is definitely a strange thing. My grandmother had pure white hair, and she must have gotten there in her 50's before my memory. My own mom didn't start going gray until her later 60's. Now it its sort of gray. I have no idea which way mine is going to go...

Wow, so, SO true, Amy! I have colored for SO long and it's really a shame, because I started when my own hair was a pretty shade of reddish-brown. No one, of course, ever TOLD me my hair was pretty, but they certainly did when I colored it first with purple streaks and then "Rose Red" - a kind of magenta color - from "Manic Panic." Then I went dark brown, then black for quite a while. Serious, Wonder Woman, blue-black. And since then I've been various shades of brown and red and sometimes have had fiascoes with highlighting run amok.

For the longest time, I've just wanted to get back to my own color. But, the color always fades to a brassy, orangey color no matter if I do warm or ash browns. So, like you, this summer, I just let it go. And I *tried* to be cool with it. I *really* wanted to just see what all of ME looks like.

Obviously, I didn't want to see enough. A few weeks ago, I colored once more and just accept it now as a degree of my own vanity. Not the worst thing in the world, but it is what it is. And I did feel better.

What I WANT is for us all to just love how each other looks... and for us to love ourselves for how we look in this country and not be pressured by culture. I think a lot about women in other cultures: American Indian women, African women, and many native women of many countries and how I never, never look at them and think, "Wow, she'd be really pretty if she just got some Nice and Easy!" But age is viewed differently here than elsewhere too. *sigh* As the feminists like to say, "The personal is political." And it IS weird. And it IS true.

I'll go gray when I'm ready and not before... I just started getting enough to need to color it. If it comes out purple I don't know if I'll handle it with the same grace... makes me think I do need a professional.

Hey don't feel bad at all, I'm 26 and got lots of GRAY!!!! ........and COLOR on a REGULAR basis... (so no one will know)............ AND I think it's funny that you posted this seeing as the last show was titled 'shades of gray' .lol. :)

i agree - to each is own. but there are health risks with dyeing your hair (more or less, depending on the type of dye used), right now - no chemicals, no hair dye. maybe later if the desire keeps coming through again.

I'm 35 and I'm not gray at all. I don't think I have one strand! But I want to be gray. I hope I get them all in one area, in order to make a gray streak. That's what I'm hoping and praying for. And so, for me, it will be "au natural". I really loved what Nicole said though, about us just loving each other and ourselves, no matter what our hair color, and seeing beauty in it all!

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