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That about sums it up. I owe many of you emails. So sorry. I'm on the run again today. And, when I'm not running, I'm working on putting things online so that I can officially take up residence at Etsy.

PS: Silly putty today is NOT the same as silly putty I remember as a child. If your child smooshes it all down in his/her underwear, you do have a problem on a number of levels. Suggestion: be on your way out of the house with the other child so that you don't have to deal with said problems. Try not to laugh as you go. But, be aware, that even once the underwear and socks are tossed (because it also got smooshed in the carpet and then stepped in), the silly putty may still appear again... in your hair more than a week later... with no reasonable explanation how it got there since 20 minutes later you had not only washed it but taken time to do a pretty thorough blowdry job. Granted, during a week when there are "head checks" going on at school (and if you know what that means, you know what it means), green silly putty isn't the worst conceivable thing that can happen to a mom, especially one or ones that have co-sleeping children.

If you woke up today and didn't find anything out of the ordinary smooshed in your hair, and you have had no melted ribbon in the last 24 hours, ruining a project that had become a favorite, consider yourself off to a good start.

PPS: I can't even write a short PS note, can I!


I wish I didn't know what you are talking about! I have banned silly putty. 2 times now we've gotten new carseats and the kids mushed in silly putty. Twice, 3 years apart! There will always be a glint of the putty incident(s) until the seats go to the landfill. It was a favorite toy of mine in the good old days, but now it is just plain banned! Poor kids. There is more to my side of the story... As far as head checks, use a lot of tea tree oil and hair product, the critters hate dirty hair, but love the clean hair.

~ AC: Luckily, we do not have the critters. But, we are paranoid types and did buy a "repel" shampoo this time - which is a rosemary-based product that supposedly offers some protection.

i personally have banned silly putty from my house after several nasty mishaps. at least you had time to wash your hair and blow dry it, i got to work this morning and discovered i had forgotten to comb mine! i have been listening to back episodes of cmp and was wondering what gesso is?

~ AC: Hi Marti! How funny that silly putty mishaps seem to be universal! I remember it, like Kritty, as such fun. GESSO is a paint-like medium traditionally used on top of a stretched canvas to "prep" it for oil or acrylic paint. So... if you stretch canvas over a frame and then layer it with gesso on top, you have a paint-ready surface. Today, multi-media artists seem to use it for everything.

Both my girls have silly putty mishaps in their past. One of them is still using a booster seat that has a very slick blob of silly putty on the seat. I remember having the carpets cleaned after Caitlin had done her handy work, the carpet guy said silly putty was the one thing that never comes out of the carpet. You gave me a good laugh with your story.

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