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September 3, 2007

Powerful "Blankets"

I've been meaning to mention Blankets by Craig Thompson here... and just hadn't gotten to it yet. I finished it recently... it's one LONG graphic novel. But, oh my goodness... it's incredibly powerful... sad and tender at the same time. There are many, many layers of narrative intertwined here... and some of the threads are tragic and very hard to read... and maybe even harder to see depicted in this very visual format... Juxtaposed with those threads is the story of first love... the story of two artists... the story of a free spirit and a spirit trapped and shaped by personal history and religion.... the story of brothers... and families... and small towns. And... there are blankets... sibling battles for blankets in a shared bed... and a special quilt made as a keepsake gift.

It was a powerful read, on many levels. That Thompson achieved such power with close to 600 pages of graphic novel "panes" is simply staggering. The sections on the relationship between Craig and Raina are the most beautiful in the piece, for sure... the story of their relationship pulls you in... but the more painful sections on his childhood give the context and subtext which create the lens through which we see and interpret that relationship. I love most the section where she asks him to paint on her walls... while she writes. A modern-day young love story, for sure... but of a love that couldn't last... yes. Beautiful despite the almost too-real and too-painful threads of personal history, yes. Not for the faint of heart... there are VERY adult and hard-to-read themes in this book... but definitely one to read for anyone interested in the graphic novel format.


When Episode 63 goes up... I believe "time" will be at the heart of it... and it is with that in mind that I found myself re-reading these words just now as I finally got around to looking at the latest crop of essays in my email newsletter from Literary Mama:

Here is my dream as a feminist mother: I will make myself a priority, and I will make my children a priority, and neither one will benefit at the other's expense.

(From "Dark Night of the Summer" by Shari MacDonald Strong)

I'm not going to comment... just put them here... A month or so ago, I was moved by a different essay at Literary Mama... on the need for "other mothers." But that time... I "commented"... and ended up removing my own post. So, this time... no words. Just the quote... and the acknowledgment that she goes on to say that the reality differs from the dream.

September 5, 2007

Got Time?


So... yesterday morning... I walked around, coffee in hand, trying to figure out what to sketch... and I finally settled on this little watch that caught my eye. Where did it come from? I don't remember... some "prize" or "meal" thing or something years ago... but I spotted it... and figured it was good for the few minutes I had.

Later... I was looking at the sketch and contemplating adding a title and quick color (which I didn't get to until today), and it struck me as incredibly ironic that I'd done this sketch ... It was several hours later when I sat down to begin the process of editing Episode 63 of the Creative Mom Podcast.... which... has much to say about time.

It wasn't planned at all - the sketch in conjunction with the show. Total "chance."

But, it was funny when I realized it. I feel like I didn't say a lot of the things I wanted to say or should have said in talking about time. I don't know. After I pushed the show out... I started feeling very strange about it. But... the Got Time sketch... that's just pure irony.

September 11, 2007

ATCs / Flow


You know what that means? That's right... ATCs are in progress around here... Of course... I always make life harder than it should be because the base prep I use is just downright unfriendly to watercolor... and yet I like the effect. So, a zillion coats of paint later... and much time spent admiring the process of evaporation... and I'll have fairly vibrant color built up on all cards in the series.

This week on the Creative Mom Podcast... thoughts on "flow"... (EP 64).

September 13, 2007

Some days...


... and weeks... and months... and mornings...

are all about whimsy.

Some have the chance to see amazing natural things each day... and to sketch and record them and bring the world of natural color to their blank books.

I wander around each morning in search of something "inside" to draw... and more often that not these days... it's something full of whimsy... something silly and playful... that catches my eye.

I like that.

September 19, 2007

Been a While


It's been a while since I've posted... and I just realized it! It isn't that I haven't been hard at work... I just somehow haven't had a chance to get "here" to the blog. At any rate, the above is one of the numerous in the ongoing "whimsy" series that I've been doing in the mornings... playing with color, loving the watercolor in the Moleskine (which you'll hear in EP 65 of the CMP), and just relaxing with what's going on.

Hope things are settling for all of you, too.

(And... if you are wondering where EP 65 "is" ... it's coming. I recorded the other day but am behind on getting it out the door.)

September 22, 2007

Disaster Strikes!


The photo doesn't really show it... but disaster struck. I had finished up all my cards... which means I finally said to myself "they are done" and determined I would add no more layers of paint. I printed ATC backs, and I began gluing them on and tucking the cards in my dictionary to press them and let them dry. As I got to this last card... I applied glue to the back, and somehow I knocked over the little cup of water sitting there... all over the final card... soaking it... and because the watercolor is on top of gel medium... when it gets wet... it loosens and re-runs... what a disaster. So I couldn't blot it. Or wipe it. I had to just let it be. I had to also put the backing in place and then just leave it to dry. It could have been worse... had it happened to a different card... one with less blank space... it would have been a bigger problem. But... still, a crazy mishap right there at the end!

September 28, 2007

Last-Minute... Sequel

I just caught sight at the Angry Chicken of the release of Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts from the Purl Bee authors (and founders of Purl Soho).

The peekaboo pics floating around the blogs look great! (Love the pin-cushion.) And, I see Kathy's pencil roll!

So, that's one to check. (Many of you who are knitters, of course, are familiar with Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by the same team.)

What am I up to... poking around to determine the ins and out of Nuthatches (thank you Mrs. Pivec for the tip) and Starlings... of course. And gathering up too-pretty-to-be-walked-past leaves... of course. And... yes... tucking them in the dictionary.

Also... pondering paper dolls... which shocks even me... that's coming next week... EP 67.

September 30, 2007


I was poking around Flickr this morning and caught sight of this cute foldover bag posted by VickiVictoria. Seeing it again... I was curious enough to poke around and find the pattern, which is by Renee Plains [blog | pattern].

There was a momentary toss-up this morning when I saw mention that Josh Groban has a holiday CD coming out Oct 9. I feel curiously off-kilter even mentioning it since October has not even begun yet. But... I'll forget otherwise! Not that I have hard and fast rules on when holiday music starts... I don't.

Looks like I somehow missed the release of Groban's Awake in November (last). So that will give me something to listen in the interim!

Bird (book) sighting...

 Letters from Eden

Ooooooh, oooooh, ooooooh. I just stumbled over this: Letters From Eden: A Year at Home, in the Woods. Take a look at the description!


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