ATCs / Flow


You know what that means? That's right... ATCs are in progress around here... Of course... I always make life harder than it should be because the base prep I use is just downright unfriendly to watercolor... and yet I like the effect. So, a zillion coats of paint later... and much time spent admiring the process of evaporation... and I'll have fairly vibrant color built up on all cards in the series.

This week on the Creative Mom Podcast... thoughts on "flow"... (EP 64).


What are you using as ATC's? It seems like mat board. I love MY official CMP ATC.

LOVE the photo... and your ATCs look like they are coming along!!! :)))))) The show was great... just what I needed ... a lot of inspiration !

what a glorious, beautiful mess! The best kind, no?

beautiful picture...i even love the circles on the paper towel!

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