Been a While


It's been a while since I've posted... and I just realized it! It isn't that I haven't been hard at work... I just somehow haven't had a chance to get "here" to the blog. At any rate, the above is one of the numerous in the ongoing "whimsy" series that I've been doing in the mornings... playing with color, loving the watercolor in the Moleskine (which you'll hear in EP 65 of the CMP), and just relaxing with what's going on.

Hope things are settling for all of you, too.

(And... if you are wondering where EP 65 "is" ... it's coming. I recorded the other day but am behind on getting it out the door.)


Awesome. Hope all is well. I saw this sketch at flickr, and loved it :)

i am glad to see some more whimsy. it does my soul good.

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