Disaster Strikes!

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The photo doesn't really show it... but disaster struck. I had finished up all my cards... which means I finally said to myself "they are done" and determined I would add no more layers of paint. I printed ATC backs, and I began gluing them on and tucking the cards in my dictionary to press them and let them dry. As I got to this last card... I applied glue to the back, and somehow I knocked over the little cup of water sitting there... all over the final card... soaking it... and because the watercolor is on top of gel medium... when it gets wet... it loosens and re-runs... what a disaster. So I couldn't blot it. Or wipe it. I had to just let it be. I had to also put the backing in place and then just leave it to dry. It could have been worse... had it happened to a different card... one with less blank space... it would have been a bigger problem. But... still, a crazy mishap right there at the end!

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Sorry to hear of your mishap.

I just jumped on the ATC and knitting bandwagon myself, and am afraid that if I leave my cards out they will end up like my last knitting project... unraveled by my 6 y.o. or in this case scribbled all over.

I feel your pain.


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