Got Time?


So... yesterday morning... I walked around, coffee in hand, trying to figure out what to sketch... and I finally settled on this little watch that caught my eye. Where did it come from? I don't remember... some "prize" or "meal" thing or something years ago... but I spotted it... and figured it was good for the few minutes I had.

Later... I was looking at the sketch and contemplating adding a title and quick color (which I didn't get to until today), and it struck me as incredibly ironic that I'd done this sketch ... It was several hours later when I sat down to begin the process of editing Episode 63 of the Creative Mom Podcast.... which... has much to say about time.

It wasn't planned at all - the sketch in conjunction with the show. Total "chance."

But, it was funny when I realized it. I feel like I didn't say a lot of the things I wanted to say or should have said in talking about time. I don't know. After I pushed the show out... I started feeling very strange about it. But... the Got Time sketch... that's just pure irony.


Cool sketch. And aww, I can't wait to listen to the show. Funny enough, I haven't had "time"... we had Open House this week and so many other crazy things going on. LOL.

I don't know what you *wanted* to say in the show, but what you did say was quite eloquent and so supportive. I thought it was a really wonderful show.

I had to pause for a minute when you talked about saying to the woman at the park that her photography *is* art. Is this the same Amy who didn't want to ask for the pens behind the counter at FLAX? It was pens, wasn't it? I just had to chuckle and think that - without really knowing or understanding the degree of the shyness of which you speak - that the show has grown you. Now you are counseling women on park benches regarding their creativity, Amy! Hee,hee. I just found it funny... and pretty terrific!

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