When Episode 63 goes up... I believe "time" will be at the heart of it... and it is with that in mind that I found myself re-reading these words just now as I finally got around to looking at the latest crop of essays in my email newsletter from Literary Mama:

Here is my dream as a feminist mother: I will make myself a priority, and I will make my children a priority, and neither one will benefit at the other's expense.

(From "Dark Night of the Summer" by Shari MacDonald Strong)

I'm not going to comment... just put them here... A month or so ago, I was moved by a different essay at Literary Mama... on the need for "other mothers." But that time... I "commented"... and ended up removing my own post. So, this time... no words. Just the quote... and the acknowledgment that she goes on to say that the reality differs from the dream.


I need to read that. It's exactly what I strive for, but the key word is b a l a n c e :)

Intrigued and sitting with that... can't wait for ep. 63, Mama

Oh that's the dream alright. A difficult balance to find when they are little. Maybe easier as they grow? I hope.

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