Some days...


... and weeks... and months... and mornings...

are all about whimsy.

Some have the chance to see amazing natural things each day... and to sketch and record them and bring the world of natural color to their blank books.

I wander around each morning in search of something "inside" to draw... and more often that not these days... it's something full of whimsy... something silly and playful... that catches my eye.

I like that.


This bird has such a sense of poise. And the beak has a real dimensionality that seems to be coming off the page.

Whimsy is wonderful. I think it is a neglected treasure in our culture.

I like your moments of whimsy. Definitely more fun than me drawing things like the top of my desk and a solar lamp!

I think it's pretty cool too. Silly and whimsical are what make this life fun. :)

You seem really happy. It is fun to read your blog.

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