This is the Shoalwater Shawl... I'm thinking that this has been on the needles for a long, long, long time. I know the rows are now endless. And... it's bigger than I'd like, but I kept going... unsure if the edging would work out if I stopped earlier. So... this week... I've had the opportunity to work on it a bit. In close to an hour and a half the other day while I sat somewhere, I worked two rows... just two. Only two more to go, and the edging begins. So, the end is in sight!

The yarn was a gift from my mom a few years back (for this pattern). So, I was making this for me, but she saw it when she was here visiting, and she loves it... mostly because it is so big. But... given that... I'm working on finishing it up.

We'll see.


If I ever got the knitting focus to knit lace, I don't know if I could ever manage to give away all that work. Or even just contemplate giving it away. Admirable, Amy.

What wonderful colors. I love the look of lace, but I can't say that I am in love with knitting it. I guess my attention span is usually too short!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it was a great one. Have a restful weekend.


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