Just out of reach


I've somehow fallen into a habit of blogging on Sundays after I return from grocery shopping. How has that happened? I have no idea. I don't even attach much significance to the trip to the grocery, and yet somehow it has become a weekly fulcrum for checking in here on the blog. I do remember, longingly, the days of WebVan.... how nice it was to have WebVan deliver each week. WebVan went out of business... and for some reason, having Safeway deliver... just doesn't have the same vibe!

In truth, I don't mind the weekly trip... Today, I am here, on the blogs, catching up just a bit in reading Kritty, and SunnyNole, and Poppins, Average Jane (AKA Burb_Mama), CheryLOL, and SouleMama, and many others while a game of Sleeping Queens concludes in the other room. (I played Scrabble Jr. this morning. I'm excused from a game of Sleeping Queens.)

I am here, today, before the grocery.

And so... the above page from a Moleskine that is nearing its final pages. Right now, it is a sketch that speaks to me... and the colors... and the combination and layering of paint and fabric... the visual and the tactile... it makes me smile to see it.

And that.... matters!


Your colours are so vibrant and inviting. Just perfect for an evening of blog surfing!

Wonderful sketch! I love the vibrant colors and the overall design. Doesn't it feel great to complete a sketchbook? I miss Webvan too. They had really high quality food and I loved the little treats they'd throw in sometimes.

I LOVE this picture! ♥


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