Loose Ends


I've been doing a good bit of sewing this week, and I'll show some images in the next day or so of some finished things. But... what has given me as much satisfaction and pleasure as the "actual" sewing is evidenced in the photo above.... the creative re-use of piles of loose ends and clippings.

I fully intend to make something wonderful next year with selvage pieces saved over a period of time... either wonderful for the wall... or else a perfect pillow for my chair... a perfect pillow. But, there are "clippings" and there are "clippings."

A few days ago, as I looked at a pile of clipped threads accumulating near my machine while I was sewing... I saw "these" in them... and so, I followed that... and I'm not sure if I'm grasping at loose threads or if I'm just losing it... but these make me very happy.

Part of me says these are so crazy. Part of me loves them intensely.

And then I realized what they are.... at the core... bird's nests.


Love them! Colorful and lovely, they are the perfect burst of color to cheer anyone's dreariest day.

How did you manage to get all those loose threads to stick down yet still pop up enough for that great 3-D "bird's nest" effect?

Wow... how pretty! Love the colors!!! SOOO Vibrant! :) My sewing room is a mountain of a mess right now too! :)

Gorgeous! I love them. And I love seeing them as nests - so cool! I often want to do something like this with all the loose strands from my embroidery. I love seeing the finished product! Fantastic! :)

What a great set! recycled, nesty, zesty...

Those are cool!

Sometimes when I do hand sewing outside, I let small thread ends or other clippings go. They drop to the ground or fly away in the breeze. I always imagine them becoming part of a bird's nest.

what a sweet way to use those threads! i love the bright cheeriness!


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