Loose Ends




I've been working, and this kind of patching work is something I find incredibly soothing and rewarding. It's interesting though... the patches are deceptively simple in appearance. I don't treat them as traditional quilted pieces. Instead, I'm taking a layered, flat piecing approach... which is perfect for the pen pouches. But... there are many, many loose ends. And... I hate it when you snip an end on the top and it pulls (even a little). My solution to this? I take a needle and take each and every thread through to the back, and knot it there into the fabric, adding stability and helping ensure there are no loose ends on the surface.

Tedious. Tedious. Tedious.

And you'd probably never notice.

But I do.

Now... the top two photos here... they show the loose ends perfectly... ends I later needle-threaded through to the other side. The patch shown there though is unusual as it is a free-standing piece... I was playing... with shape... and so created a free-standing patch that I could then reshape and applique onto a foundation (rather than building it directly onto the foundation as I normally do). It worked pretty well... and thus... I now have a non-square patch, which is very exciting.

Lots of loose ends.

I tried to take a photo of the piles of birds nests accumulating on my table. A few days of sewing, and there are several perfect piles... just waiting to be gathered onto a card front.

Tomorrow... a backpack I've put off for far too long. I'm determined... tomorrow is the day.


Wow. All I can say is that you have waaaaay more patience than I *ever*could have! :)

You are too good!

Hey Amy-
love the threading idea-- so clever-- just like every project you do !!!! LOVE the thread nests too!!!


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