Mitts Pattern

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So... I did, indeed, crank out a mitt today... really, in about an hour. About 40 minutes at a tumbling class (half-focused on making sure "mine" was behaving and mentally counting, yet again, how many times his name is called out) got me through the body of a mitt, leaving just the picking up of the thumb and thumb rows to do at home. These really are fast.

So, here it is. If you run into a problem, just let me know so I can update the download. Thanks, and enjoy!

Pattern: Mini (Fingerless) Mitts

1 Comment

I'm such a beginner knitter, that I don't even know what half(or more) of your pattern means.
I think I understand stockinette, and worsted weight I've seen on the labels, but the rest is greek to me. How do I go from this limitted knowledge to knitting such cool things. Did you learn on your own, or from someone?

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