I realized late last night, as I clipped my last thread for the day, that I was winding down a span of days which can best be described as "productive." Granted, my final project took the better part of yesterday even though it shouldn't have. Still, over the weekend, and in and around my regular around-the-house responsibilities, and game-playing and book-reading and refereeing, and so on, I finished 3 pen pouches, made 1 backpack, sewed 6 bird's nest cards (pen pouches generate lots of clippings!), carved 2 stamps (one of which is a gift), and drew out three other stamps. Oh, and I got my show ready for this week (EP75). It may not sound like a lot... but as I settled down last night to carve the second stamp, a holiday-type snippet lifted from a morning sketch I did on Friday, I knew I was tired... and yet I felt "productive."

That the backpack is adorable and makes me almost giddy with the awesome fabric... and that the straps look nice... and that I finally searched hard enough and long enough to find the buttonhole attachment for my machine (although we didn't get along) and then the one for the second machine (which worked better though still seemed kludgy)... that the backpack turned out. That was the icing on the cake. I know the recipient is getting this backpack filled with some "to do" supplies (including one of the "make your own eraser stamps" kits I linked to recently). And that... is awesome. A lucky young artist!

And so, last night, as I finished the last of my top-stitching, the boys were working on projects... and cutting paper... which, of course, means a big mess was underway. And then, not surprisingly, there were some "sharing" issues with the scissors. So, I took a page from a photo I saw on SouleMama's Flickr last week... I gave Spencer a giant magnet bowl of large-headed pins and the pin cushion... and the task of transferring them. He spent a good hour at it, before bedtime. And then, amazingly, he woke this morning ready, again, to work at his "job."

I remember when the older one used to love playing with my can of buttons. But I'd never tried the pin cushion before. I guess it's very much like sorting the silverware drawer or the "pens" drawer, both of which are tasks I can remember doing (and enjoying).

So, here's to productivity.... and to an age where "busywork" and having a sense of "purpose" can buy you a few moments of peace. And what "age" might that be? Well... it seems true for him at 3 and for me at 37. Draw what conclusions you will!


cute pack...I like the pattern play...You really were productive!

So true, Amy. Purpose and peace seem inextricably intertwined.

I love the fabric. You were totally productive!! Good for you and soulemama for trusting your little ones with pins.... someday my dude would love that. I love the idea of letting him, but not yet! Jobs and purpose are important. I'm glad you are both happy with your line of work. :)

I thought I had commented on this... but I didn't. I LOVE the bag!!! What an amazing color combo!!!!!!!!!!

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