To the Moon

    My self and pizza
    Santa Claus
    Our house
    Toilet Paper
    My brain
    Sleeping Queens
    My money

Yeah. That's the list from an impromptu game of "I'm Going to the Moon" (not in the car) (requested by 3 1/2 year old).

Did I mention I have two boys?

Halfway through the game, I was so struck by the "content" of the list that I grabbed a pad of (pink) post-its and wrote it down... totally violating the rules of the game, of course, but totally true to my need to record the moment!

(The oldest was not happy that I'd written the list down!)

And, for those of you who noticed there was no post-grocery post today... I did go to the grocery. I went... two children in tow. One in the cart piling boxes up around him and exclaiming, loudly, "Matthew, help me, it's a volcano" (over and over and over down one aisle). And one... walking... and reading every sign and box we passed: "Milk... Wine... Beer... Spirits..."

As we walked into the store, the little one did notice the flowers... and suggest (loudly) that we needed some. So... at least there was that.... a good precursor to the volcano aisle!


Oh Amy, you are so brave! We did a "quick" grocery store run Saturday after karate...even with 2 adults I was cross and twitchy before we left the store!

I am so happy that I have found yr blog and PC
I really feel good when i listen to you and think about how we are so much more alike in this world than different
merci for what you do
as ever, amy

Those are the moments you will never forget...for better or for worse.


oh Amy--

I do so know what that is like, with 2 boys as well.
I've heard very similar things coming from our shopping cart as my youngest also gets lost in the boxes.

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